February 22nd in Aviation History

Image Credits: Jakpost.Travel

On the February 22nd, 1987, The Airbus A320 first touched the skies. The Airbus A320 is a family of narrow body short to medium haul twin jet airliners. The A320 is one of the most significant and important airplanes in the course of aviation history. The A320 was the first airplane to use a full digital fly-by-wire control system in a commercial airplane. Today, almost all other airplanes follow in the A320’s footsteps.

There are different variants of the A320 ranging in size and engine options with the smallest variant as the A318 and the modern largest version being the A321 XLR. The A320 variant can accommodate upto 160 passengers and the A321 can accommodate upto 230. The ranges vary according to the variants.

In October 2019, the Airbus A320 family surpassed the Boeing 737 family in total sales and orders to become the most popular commercial airplane of all time.

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The story of the Airbus A320

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