February 27th in Aviation History

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

On the February of 27th, 1965, the iconic Soviet heavy cargo-lifter, the An-22 took its first flight. The Antonov An-22 is designed by the Antonov Design Bureau. It is a four engined turboprop strategic airlifter designed for the Soviet military initially and remains in use with Russian military as of today. Ukraine based Antonov Airlines and a Bulgarian charter company also operate the An-22 turboprop.

The An-22 is the world’s largest turboprop aircraft ever made. It has carried out several major military and humanitarian airliner. It was designed as a strategic airlifter so it can take off from short, unpaved runways just as well as long and paved ones.

A total of 68 An-22’s have been produced. Six remain in service today and are planned to be until 2033 with the Russian military.

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