February 26th in Aviation History

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Saab Safari is a small piston powered aircraft used by air forces and military branches across the world for training purposes. It first flew on the 26th of February, 1971.

The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-360 series piston engine. It has a high wing and t-tail configuration with side by side seating. Controls are available for both seats as a standard. The Saab Safari has a slightly forward wing sweep.

The specific military versions of the Saab are called MFI-17. And they also come in six cylinder piston engines with more power.

The Pakistan Air Force builds the Saab Safari under license and it is known as the Super Mushshak. More than 10 air forces across the world use the MFI-17 as their basic trainer including the Pakistan Air Force, Norwegian and Danish air forces as well as Saudi, Oman and Irani militaries.

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