Kano Air Disaster

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Kano Air Disaster was a tragedy that occurred to a chartered flight on the 22nd of January, 1973. The aircraft was carrying pilgrims from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Lagos, Nigeria. The aircraft operating the chartered operation was a Boeing 707. It was carrying 193 passengers and 9 crew. Bad weather at Lagos caused the aircraft to divert to Kano. While attempting to land at the Kano International Airport, the aircraft went out of control when the nose landing gear and then the right main landing gear collapsed. The aircraft excursed from the runway and caught fire. 176 passengers and crew died. There were 26 survivors. At that time, this was the deadliest ever air disaster.

Subsequent investigations revealed that Kano Airport was having high wind speeds and the aircraft landed nose first hard, a depression in the runway caused it to collapse completely and then the main gear followed, causing the deadly accident.

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