Air West Flight 612

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

Air West Flight 612 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Khartoum and Al-Fashir in Sudan. The flight was operated by Boeing 737. On the 24th of January, 2007, the 737 carrying 103 people on board was hijacked by an individual, shortly after take-off. Mohamed Abdu Altif a 26-year-old from Al-Fashir, entered the cockpit of the aircraft at 09:00 local time (0600 UTC), approximately half an hour after takeoff from Khartoum International Airport. He ordered the pilot to fly to Rome, Italy and then on to London, England.

After the pilot explained that there was not enough fuel on board to reach London, he agreed to fly to Chad. He made no threats or other communication to the passengers, none of whom became aware the aircraft had been hijacked. When the aircraft entered Chadian airspace it was met by French Mirage F-1 fighter jets stationed in N’Djamena, which escorted the plane until it landed at N’Djamena International Airport at 0830 UTC, where it was immediately surrounded by Chadian troops. Twenty minutes of negotiations followed, after which the hijacker allowed all the occupants of the aircraft to leave before surrendering.

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