Air India Flight 101

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

Air India Flight 101 was a scheduled commercial flight from Bombay, India to London, United Kingdom, with three stopovers Delhi, Beirut and Geneva. On the 24th of January, the flight was being operated by a Boeing 707, carrying 106 passengers and 11 crew. On the leg from Beirut to Geneva, the aircraft crashed into Mont Blanc, France, the highest mountain in the alps. All the 117 occupants of the aircraft were killed in the crash.

The subsequent investigation by authorities determined the cause of the crash as pilot error. The aircraft’s VOR receiver was not working and the pilot miscalculated his position. This resulted in a controlled flight into Mont Blanc.

The aircraft was carrying a renowned Indian nuclear scientist who was killed in the crash. There have been theories circulating around that the CIA might have been involved in planting a bomb on the aircraft to kill the scientist as the US did not want India to have a nuclear weapon.

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