The FAA seeks to fine Boeing $3.9 million saying it installed faulty parts on wings despite knowing about them.

It seems like Boeing just can’t catch a break this year. Amidst the on-going 737 MAX crisis, another emerged. A while ago, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a directive to inspect the ‘pickle-fork’ in the wings of the Boeing 737 NG series. It is essentially a critical component that holds the wing to the fuselage. As a result of the inspections, a number of B737NG’s were grounded due to cracks in the said component. But that was not the end of the trouble for the NG’s.

The Federal Aviation Administration now alleges that Boeing installed parts on some of the 737NG’s despite knowing that they were prone to failure. The issue this time was with the ‘slat tracks’. The slats are deployed in critical phases of take-off and landing and failures in this part can lead to catastrophe.

The FAA says that Boeing gave the go ahead for 85 B737′ NG’s despite knowing that one of the supplier’s told them about the faulty wing parts.

As quoted by the Washington Post:

The FAA said Boeing also failed to make sure a contractor properly marked the components at issue, which meant that “identification of the defective parts was hindered” despite an FAA order. Boeing said that “all affected 737 NGs have been inspected and all slat track installations determined to be required have been completed on the NGs.”

The same slat-tracks have also been installed on the already grounded 737 MAX jets. Boeing assures that they will look into all of them.

Will Boeing actually improve it’s internal safety systems and practices or will it continue to compromise on safety in competition? So far, all compromises have come back to bite them in the longer run. Boeing should start implementing stricter safety measures or else, operators around the world are going to lose faith in a lot more than just 737’s.


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