I’m sure being an aviation enthusiast you must be waiting for TOP GUN: MAVERICK, desperately. This movie is arriving in the June 2020 in cinemas around the world. At the very first glance, Tom Cruise told that the movie will feature F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. In the very first teaser, you may spot Tom Cruise in the same aircraft during a catapult launch from a carrier, formation flights, and extremely low-level flights in US airspace corridors.

Besides this, another exciting glimpse is of Tom Cruise in a black High Altitude Pressure Suit that is used by pilots of high altitude reconnaissance aircraft like the iconic SR-71 from history. Also, he is seen with a patch that is possible for the Hype-Sonic Aircraft Test Program.

In a scene with his new motorcycle, you can also spot one of the two U.S. Navy Super Hornets specially painted in the black, light blue and gray color scheme for the movie. These planes were spotted at Naval Air Station Oceania in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With the same three “kill” markings that must be of three F-5s aka MiG-28s shot down in the previous sequel. And yes the pilot’s name, “Capt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell” beneath the canopy, which is Tom Cruise.

The object of interest in all of this however, is an ultra-modern aircraft that is seen in some shots. That is actually a SR-72 that doesn’t need the pilots like old times. This project is underway for long and still not in favorable conditions to be ready soon in real life. But we all know, Hollywood loves to showcase U.S. weapon powers through movies like they did in other Air Force and Military movies. The SR-72 that is showcased in TOP GUN: MAVERICK is a result of extra-ordinary CGI work that is done perfectly to fit in the scenes.

Still, there are no clues of Tom Cruise’s involvement found in the design, development and testing of SR-72, but he does appear in a high tech, high altitude flight suit. Again, the SR-72 is a UAV project and doesn’t need any suit.

Well, let’s wait for the movie and find out what are the myths and facts and what actually was that high class combat suiting and the conceptual UAV.

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