Boeing 777X is set for its Maiden Voyage

Finally, the wait is over. Dawn after the dusk. The first good news from Boeing is here and it says Boeing 777X will take flight as of today 23rd January 2020. After years of delays, designs, difficulties, and testing finally the big moment is here. Boeing 777X will expand the wings and roll on the runway for its very first flight as announced by Boeing earlier this week in a tweet.

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As of planning, the flagship Boeing 777X will depart from Boeing’s Paine field at 10:00 Seattle time. However, the departure is yet vulnerable to weather and other factors. But, as per the plan after the departure, the aircraft will remain in the air till 15:00 and it will perform its first landing at Boeing’s delivery center field, Seattle. As we say takeoffs are optional but landings are mandatory.

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After a trenching year and struggle with Boeing 737MAX in 2019 finally a cold breeze for Boeing at the start of 2020. The first flight of 777X is a big achievement for Boeing and it will completely affect the certification and deliveries. Initially, the 777X was supposed to take off in 2019 and the deliveries were supposed to start in late 2020 but the engine problem identified in the GE9X engine delayed the complete plan.

The GE9X is the world’s most powerful jet engine and holds the Guinness world record of producing 134,300 pounds of thrust. Now, that’s huge. The GE9X had flown ahead of 777X on Boeing’s special 747 to determine the performance of the engine in different flight situations.

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