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Biman might become a giant in South Asia.

The South Asian Airline industry is witnessing a rising star from Bangladesh. Biman Bangladesh is getting all the attention in South Asia after it acquired the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with two options. The airline is not only witnessing a positive image building across the region but the increase in productivity is also noticed.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines earned a profit of Tk 272 crore in the last fiscal year after incurring a loss in 2017-18 Financial year. State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism M Mahbub Ali announced in July 2019. The airline’s revenue for the fiscal year was 5,791 crore Tk and 5,519 crores TK was cut in expenditures. After the induction of Boeing 787-9s, the airline is increasing the frequency of its high yield routes.

Rapid Expansion

Another news popped up last week that Biman Bangladesh is eyeing for six more aircraft. The new ambition is part of a plan to expand the fleet eventually to become the best airline in Asia. The order is consisting of turboprop Dash 8 Q400 manufactured by Canadian Bombardier. The negotiations will be started between both parties soon. A total of two Dash 8s are expected.

Moreover, Biman is aiming for another four Boeing 787-9. The deferred order from Indian Vistara could be taken by Biman as they are in negotiations with Boeing already to settle a deal. The decision is still pending and Biman is expecting to crack a deal with a lucrative price. Biman has seen a rapid fleet expansion and significant improvement in performance in terms of carrying larger numbers of passengers and earning profits.

Future prospects?

With the current pace on expansion plans, Biman could become the Emirates of the region. The product offered on the Boeing 787 fleet is state of the art. If Biman would sustain such product and service on the majority of its network, with expanding wings to new destinations as well, The chances of Biman becoming the best carrier in South Asia are extremely immense.


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