It is said that an ambition is the overmastering desire to be vilified by your enemies while living and made ridiculous by your friends when you are dead.

For me the passion of reaching the heights, by covering the feets , facing the winds in a way that involves the regarding of the skies while sitting among the buttons in a compartment covered by the courtesy of aluminum , is worth-living. No doubt, behind every passion there is a force that pushes you, motivates you and leads you to get your desired target. But for the field of aviation, the driving force to achieve your target within your constant approach, is connected to your heart directly. Flying can never be made until or unless your heart wants to be out of that cage of ribs which surrounds it. But what makes the love of aviation different from the rest of ambitions is hidden in this beautiful combo; the collaboration of the most wild with the most disciplined organ of the body as aviation, especially flying requires the proper coordination of heart along with your mind in order to perform the job as smoothly as it is required. And it all compels me to feel, to say and then to jot it out my description regarding aviation as

Among the buttons, I will sit

Confusion must not be there, even a bit

Along with the necessities and the accessories kit

Will be praising the skies, by maintaining all fit

Perhaps, I will be able to fly you till the level reaching hit

But surely, I will never call my passion as a shit !


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