Our weekly series of Humans of Aviation features aviation enthusiasts, trainees, and professionals. This week we present an amazing energetic trainee pilot  Abigail Gregory has joined us from Kent England.

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Q1. What inspired you to join the aviation industry?

I’ve been on many flights and the thrill of taking off and landing has always excited me. The thought of flying an airplane is as rewarding as it is training to fly it! I love a challenge and my passion and determination drive me on. I am just intrigued by all the aspects associated with flying especially how all the weight can take off from the ground!


Q2. What were the difficult times you faced through your career building times?

I have only recently started training for my Private Pilot’s License and it’s absolutely incredible. The only struggle I have encountered so far is financially funding the lessons. However, there is support available to fund the more costly training for Airlines.


Q3. What are your future goals? What is the best part of your journey why do you love what you do?

My future goal is to become a Commercial Pilot. The best part of my journey so far is meeting some amazing people who are extremely supportive. I absolutely love flying and learning how to fly a great piece of engineering! Learning to take on such a huge responsibility even in my Piper Warrior is challenging but rewarding at the same time. I’m currently based in England and I train in the aerospace of Kent. I train here for my PPL but I hope to fly around the world doing long-haul flights as a Captain.


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