Always wanting cheap flights and the sweet embrace of death? Good news for you!

(SATIRE) Are you a millennial? Did you always want to travel the world? Looking at the current state of the world did you also want to die? Well there is good news for you. However, If you’re not a millennial, you might frown on what comes next in this post. The good news is, you can get cheap flights to travel the world, and die as well.

Very few of us remain unfamiliar with the new coronavirus outbreak that has taken the world by storm. With an upwards of 100,000 cases worldwide and more than 4000 deaths, it has affected almost every aspect of life wherever it has hit. Among other global trades and industries, the global airline industry took a hit and airline stocks plummeted. Hundreds of thousands of flights have been cancelled.

With flight schedules drastically scaled down and frequencies reduced, the airlines face a situation of desperation. Many in Europe are flying empty flights just to reserve their slots. People around the world, are cancelling their trips as they fear they might catch the virus.

But now is the peak time for millennials to book a flight. Why? Because carriers are offering air fares that are within reach that gives you the opportunity to travel the world! And what’s more, millennials can get a shot at death, which of course, they have been longing for.

Aviation Geeks asked Hassan, a 25 year old student in Saudi Arabia who had just booked a cheap flight to London, as to what motivated him to do so.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to visit London but it was so damn expensive to get there. Now I get a return ticket in half the original price and also a chance to die? I mean, this is the dream!”.

“As millennials, we don’t stand a chance to have economic stability, retirement seems like a joke, we have to work 9-5 jobs for our whole lives just to survive, now is the chance to travel the world and to get an easy escape” Hassan added.

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